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Welcome to the Convergence Certification and Skills Development (CCSD) Council – an esteemed establishment since 1990.

We stand as a reputable, independent, and globally recognized organization specializing in third-party accreditation and skills development certification. Our unwavering commitment lies in acknowledging and celebrating professionals’ relentless pursuit of excellence through designated credentialing and validating training and course program providers with internationally accredited offerings.

At CCSD Council, we certify and accredited a diverse array of programs and courses from our course providers who have meticulously crafted training programs and courses to elevate and enrich the skills, competencies, knowledge, and expertise of employees within their organizations (in-house) and professional at large through their public programs. Our dedication to upholding the highest professional standards is rooted in the wisdom of our esteemed Board of Eminence, harmoniously aligned with our organization’s overarching aspirations, vision, and mission.

Welcome Message from the Secretary-General of CCSD

Dear Esteemed Professionals and Valued Guests,

As the Secretary-General of the CCSD Council, foremost my warmest greetings. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Convergence Certification and Skills Development (CCSD) Council – an enduring symbol of excellence in the realm of accreditation and skills development. As a globally recognized organization, we take great pride in our esteemed establishment, which has nurtured and celebrated the pursuit of greatness among professionals over the years.

At CCSD Council, we stand as a reputable and independent entity, wholly dedicated to the validation and accreditation of training programs of our registered training providers that seek to elevate knowledge, expand expertise, and competencies within organizations and across professions. Our mission is rooted in acknowledging and celebrating your unwavering commitment to excellence through our meticulous credentialing process.

We grant CCSD designated credentials to career professionals in recognition of their continuous professional capacity enhancement – which reflects their unwavering dedication to developing their expertise, skill sets, knowledge, competencies, and qualifications. These credentials serve as a testament to their dedication and elevate their careers within their respective organizations.

Munies Pillai
Secretary General
CCSD Council


To become the preeminent global certification organization


To establish an unwavering and reliable global ecosystem for certification and accreditation


Committed to promoting CCSD Membership, Training Accreditation and Professional Credentialing.


The Council’s goals promote global excellence, professional growth, and continuous improvement.

What we do?

Unleashing Excellence & Empowering Professionals Worldwide”

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Embracing Excellence: Unique Approach to Partnering Success

Membership - Accreditation - Certification - Recognition

  • CCSD Council offers 7 categories of Membership
  • Accredits Training Programs across multiple economic sectors & occupational categories
  • Grants Professional Designated Credentials
  • Recognizes and acknowledges Continuous Professional Enhancement Capacity (CPCE) progressions
  • Adhering and compliant to the requirements of ISO 17024:2012

CCSD Council Membership

CCSD Council Membership

Welcome to the CCSD Council, where excellence meets opportunity. Our membership comprises a diverse and esteemed community of Individual Professional Members, Training Provider Members, Corporate Company Members …..

Individual Professional Membership

CCSD Council extends an invitation to all of you from every economic sector and occupational skill in the encompassing terminology of professional and profession to take up CCSD Individual Professional Membership.….

General Training provider Membership

CCSD Council extends an invitation to Individual Trainer, Professional Instructor or Professional Training Consultant, Training Provider Company with Partnership Training Provider Company, Limited Liability Training Provider Company or Private Limited Training Provider Company to ……

Corporate Company Training Provider Membership

We invite all business operating companies (Large Scale Companies, Multinational companies, Corporate Companies, Medium Enterprises, Small Medium Enterprises, and Micro Medium Enterprises which conduct in-house training programs and …

Association Training Provider Membership

We are excited to extend a formal invitation to all organizations representing its members pursuing a common professional interest or career field to take up CCSD Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership. It could also be ……

Institution of Learning Training Provider Membership

We invite all Institutions of learning, such as polytechnics, colleges, academies, institutes, and vocational schools which provide long or short term training to take the Institution of Learning Training Provider Membership ……

Government Employee Membership

The CCSD Council extends a formal invitation to all employees working at government or semi-government institutions from different economic sectors or occupational skills to take up CCSD Council Government Employee Membership …..

Government Institution Membership

CCSD Council extends an invitation to Government Institutions that play crucial roles in providing education and training beyond the normal qualifications of their employees. CCSD Council invites Government Institutions to take the CCSD Council Government Institution Membership as their training programs is held in-house ……

Accreditation & Certification

Training Provider – Registration and Validation

The CCSD Council welcomes individual trainers, professional instructors, training consultants, learning enterprises, training companies, corporate training providers, training consultants, educational training institutions, professional training fraternities, and specialized training providers of associations to index as the CCSD Council Registered Training Providers.

Training Program Accreditation

The Convergence Certification and Skill Development (CCSD Council) extends its invitation to all Training Providers to submit their training programs for evaluation and potential accreditation. This opportunity is subject to adherence to the submission guidelines, application process, the provision of required documents, and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth by the CCSD Council.

Professional Designated Credentialing

A. CCSD Professional Designated Credentialing

B. CCSD Professional Designated Credential Awards

C. CCSD Designated Credential Self Assessment (Clarified)

D. Credential Eligibility Self Assessment Template

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    We focus on accreditation and certification of training programs, recognise continuous professional capacity enhancement by offering certified designated credentialing and consistently share strategic insights, new wave technologies and latest industrial development.


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