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Secretary-General – Primary Functions, Broad Responsibilities, and Global Outreach

SG’s – Functions, Responsibilities and Outreach

The Secretary-General of the CCSD Council plays a pivotal role that encompasses a wide array of functions, significant responsibilities, and global scope. Serving in equal parts, as the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO), the Chief Liaison Officer (CLO), Executive Director (ED), diplomat, ambassador, and advocate, the Secretary-General embodies and upholds the ideals, vision, mission, and objectives of CCSD Council. Moreover, the Secretary-General acts as a representative for and on behalf of the CCSD Council, effectively advocating the Council’s aims, aspirations, plans, strategies, goals, approaches, and long-term objectives in fostering the development and growth of the CCSD Council as a globally reputable certification body.

In the Secretary-General’s capacity as the CEO-CLO-ED, authorized by the CCSD Council, the Secretary-General is entrusted with the authority to act on behalf of the Council in the execution of specific primary functions as delineated below, with the overarching responsibility of governing the CCSD Council on a global scale. These functions extend beyond the prescribed roles and responsibilities, encompassing a comprehensive scope that is not limited to any specific boundaries. As the needs arise, the CCSD Council may confer additional capacity and empowerment upon the Secretary-General to execute additional functions, duties, performances, accountability, and obligations in service of the CCSD Council. The guidelines provided by the CCSD Council offer a flexible framework for the Secretary-General’s powers, allowing for dynamic actions and engagements that align with the mission of the CCSD Council.

The Secretary-General must skillfully navigate the diverse concerns and perspectives of the CCSD Council while steadfastly upholding the organization’s values, integrity, governance, and moral authority. The Secretary-General bears the crucial duty of promoting and advocating justifiable, permissible, and admissible organizational ethics and practices, even when it entails challenging and differing with the Council on occasions directly related to the business affairs of the organization. This ingenious, creative, and innovative attribute must be intrinsically woven into the fabric of the Secretary-General’s discretion and diplomacy in the day-to-day execution of unbiased, equitable, and impartial functions as the Secretary-General of the CCSD Council.

The Secretary-General’s daily activities encompass a wide range of engagements, including attending meetings and consultative sessions, participating in high-profile appointments and engagements, delivering speeches, representing the CCSD Council in press conferences and interviews, and providing advisory services on behalf of the CCSD Council. These engagements necessitate extensive communication with dignitaries, ministers, senior stakeholders, corporate leaders, government officials, CEOs of multinational companies, association chairpersons, fraternity presidents, and members of the public from across the globe.

To maintain relationships with these influential individuals and stay well-informed about various international issues that are pertinent to the CCSD Council’s business, the Secretary-General is required to undertake international travel regularly. Additionally, the Secretary-General assumes the responsibility of producing periodic and annual reports that assess the regular activities of the CCSD Council, while also outlining future priorities and viable project plans for the organization, all of which are presented to the CCSD Council.

Furthermore, the Secretary-General assumes the role of Chair in coordination and cooperation initiatives, acting on behalf of the CCSD Council. They are also invited to represent the CCSD Council in external organizations, committees, and bodies, subject to the approval of the CCSD Council if such representations consistently align with the aspirations, objectives, and aims of the CCSD Council. This additional role and responsibility ensure effective collaboration, partnership, and regional cooperation, fostering alliances and affirming the global presence and significance of the CCSD Council as a highly esteemed and recognized certification body.

Central to the role of the Secretary-General is the fundamental representation of the “good office” of the CCSD Council. This entails embodying essential attributes of objectivity, impartiality, integrity, neutrality, self-reliance, autonomy, and authoritative dominance. By exhibiting these qualities, the Secretary-General consistently presents the CCSD Council with unwavering veracity, uprightness, reliability, honour, and truthfulness, thereby reflecting the principles of good governance, authoritative leadership, and international reputation that define the CCSD Council as a renowned certification body. The Secretary-General through collaborations and actively engaging in branding initiatives and marketing endeavours, contributes to promoting the CCSD Council as a globally reputable and recognized certification body.

It is crucial to acknowledge that as the Secretary-General, during the term of their five-year tenure, they possess the authority to define additional functions, responsibilities, and scope in alignment with prevailing circumstances of the CCSD Council’s evolving initiatives. This dynamic contextual framework allows the Secretary-General to introduce novel approaches, resourceful elegance, exceptional priorities, and grand initiatives, thereby commendably fulfilling their responsibilities and setting an exemplary illustration for the future of the CCSD Council.

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