Appointment Process for the Post of Secretary-General

Appointment Process for the Post of Secretary-General

The Convergence Certification and Skill Development Council (CCSD Council) is committed to upholding ethical and professional standards in its appointment processes. The appointment of the Secretary-General is a critical step in ensuring effective management and administration of the certification body. Here is an overview of the appointment process:

Historical Context

Since its inception, the CCSD Council operated without a designated Secretary-General until the year 2000. From 2001 to 2018, an external Secretarial Service was appointed to manage the operations, given the Council’s growing outreach and international influence in Information and new-wave technology.

Rebranding and Organizational Revamp

In 2019, the CCSD officially changed its name from Convergence Certification and Skills Development Limited to Convergence Certification and Skill Development Council, and moved the headquarters to Prague, Czech Republic (Czechia) reflecting its expanding global impact and enhanced accreditation recognition. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 resulted in a temporary closure of the Prague HQ and the discontinuation of the external Secretarial Service, leading to a standstill in operations. Post-pandemic in 2022, the Council decided on a total organizational revamp.

Appointment of an Interim Executive Secretary

As part of the reactivation process, the Council appointed one of its own directors on a pro bono volunteer basis to act as the interim Executive Secretary until a permanent appointment of a Secretary-general could be made. The Director held on to the responsibilities during this transition period until a Secretary-General can be appointed.

Search for a Permanent Secretary-General

In June 2023, the Board of Directors (BOD) initiated a search for a full-time, highly versatile, experienced, and dynamic candidate to assume the position of Secretary-General. A comprehensive selection process involved shortlisting 22 candidates out of hundreds of applicants. The shortlisted candidates were interviewed, and the final five shortlisted were engaged in further discussions to assess their capabilities, potential contributions, and prospective long-term deliverables to the organization.

Appointment of the Secretary-General Designate

After thoughtful deliberation, the CCSD Council reached a unanimous decision to appoint the Secretary-General Designate at the end of September 2023. The finalized candidate will officially assume office in November 2023 and take the oath and presentation of the Instrument of Office as the permanent Secretary-General in December 2023.

Term and Reappointment

The Secretary-General will serve from November 2023 to the end of October 2028. The Council has a fixed term of five years for the Secretary-General; however, the incumbent may be eligible for reappointment for another term at the CCSD Council’s discretion. Reappointment for a second term may occur, provided it does not result in more than two consecutive terms in office for the Secretary-General.

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