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Training Program Accreditation

Invitation for Accreditation Submission and Training Provider Validation

The Convergence Certification and Skill Development (CCSD Council) extends its invitation to all Training Providers to submit their training programs for evaluation and potential accreditation. This opportunity is subject to adherence to the submission guidelines, application process, the provision of required documents, and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth by the CCSD Council.

Training Provider Validation and Registration:

Before submitting training programs for accreditation, all Training Providers are required to undergo an approval and registration process with the CCSD Council as a recognized Training Provider. The detailed validation and registration process can be found on the CCSD Council website under the section titled “CCSD Council Training Provider Validation & Registration.” Successful evaluation by the Certification and Accreditation Committee of the Board of Eminence will lead to official registration with CCSD Council. A registration letter will be issued, which remains valid for a specific timeframe, subject to renewal following the prescribed terms and conditions. During the accreditation submission, the Training Provider must reference their official registration number provided by CCSD Council.

Training Program Accreditation

CCSD Council will accept all training program submissions from registered Training Providers; however, submission does not guarantee automatic accreditation. The Certification and Accreditation Committee will conduct a thorough review of each submission to ensure compliance with all stipulated requirements. The CCSD Council Secretariat is responsible for verifying that the training program satisfies the prescribed criteria before forwarding it to the Committee for accreditation approval.

The Committee’s evaluation will encompass an assessment of the Training Program’s content, its relevance and credibility, the expertise and experience of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) delivering the program, the quality of the material presented, and its originality, ensuring it is free from plagiarism or imitation. The Training Provider must explicitly declare the originality of the content and indemnify the CCSD Council against any potential legal actions related to the program’s originality.

Training Program Submission Process

A prerequisite for submission is the status of a validated and registered Training Provider with the CCSD Council.

Only CCSD Council Registered Training Providers are eligible to submit Training Programs for accreditation.

Proof of registration must be provided by the Training Provider through a copy of the CCSD Council validation and registration letter.

The Training Provider’s Registration Number, as indicated in the aforementioned letter, shall serve as the reference during the evaluation process.

The application for accreditation must be submitted to the CCSD Council Secretariat via email.

Required documents for accreditation submission include:

    • CCSD Council Training Provider Registration letter.
    • Title, objective, and outcome of the Training Program.
    • Target audience and duration of the program.
    • Breakdown of the Course Content (module/chapter titles, synopsis, and assessment questions).
    • Trainer Profile, Training Fee, and Payment Method.
    • Contact and Training Administrative Details.

A Training Program Brochure containing the above information may also be submitted if available.

The Training Provider must provide a sample of the Training Evaluation Form, to be distributed to participants upon program completion, allowing for assessment of various aspects of the training.

Training Program Evaluation Process

The Certification and Accreditation Committee of the CCSD Council, responsible for evaluating and approving Training Programs, shall review the submitted documents. The Committee, assisted by the CCSD Council Secretariat, will evaluate the overall program content, the expertise, and experience of the trainer, the program’s genuineness and value-add, delivery methodology, applicability, and correctness of content.

Upon review, the Training Provider will be informed of the Committee’s decision on the accreditation application. If the program meets all requirements and prerequisites, accreditation will be granted. Subsequently, the CCSD Council Secretariat will issue a letter qualifying the Training Provider’s program as accredited.

Accredited Training Programs and CPCE Points:

CCSD Council accredits Training Programs and awards Continuous Professional Capability Enhancement (CPCE) points based on the evaluation conducted by the Certification and Accreditation Committee. These CPCE points are given to participants who complete the training program and any associated tests or assessments.

Participants accumulating CPCE points through the CCSD Council accredited Training Programs can progressively advance through various professional designations, including CCSD Council Certified Specialist, CCSD Council Certified Expert, CCSD Council Certified Professional, CCSD Council Certified Consultant, and ultimately CCSD Council Certified Eminence, representing the highest CPCE status.

Record Keeping and Recognition

CCSD Council Secretariat shall maintain records of CPCE points received by its members through accredited Training Programs. Members will be duly informed of their progress and status following each successful completion of a training program.

Additionally, CCSD Council will issue a Special Certificate of Recognition for each milestone achieved, such as becoming a CCSD Council Specialist, Expert, Professional, Consultant, or Eminence.

Appeals for CPCE Points

Training Providers may submit appeals for higher CPCE points, which will be reviewed by the Certification and Accreditation Committee. Approval of such appeals shall be at the sole discretion of the Committee.

For any further information regarding Training Program Accreditation Submission, Processing, and the award of CPCE Points, kindly direct your inquiries to the CCSD Council Secretariat.

For all enquiries related to accreditation process, CPCE Points, individual training completion certificate and certification, please contact the CCSD Officer in-charge via: You will be guided accordingly on the due process for accreditation of your training programs, the issuance of the accreditation letter of recognition, the CPCE Points accorded and the individual personal certificates to each participant who completes such accredited programs.

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