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CCSD Council Membership

CCSD Council Membership

(7 categories of CCSD membership, refer to the dropdowns in this section and apply accordingly to the category that befits your standing, requirement and onward actions to be it certification, accreditation, designated credentialing or to merely enjoy all the specially offered CCSD Council privileges, discounts and opportunities).

Welcome to the CCSD Council, where excellence meets opportunity. Our membership comprises a diverse and esteemed community of Individual Professional Members, Training Provider Members, Corporate Company Members, Institutions of learning Members, Fraternities and Association Members, Government Institution/Agency members and Government Officers Members. You could be in any of this category as we extends an invitation for you to join and unlock a realm of benefits tailored to foster your professional growth and recognition. Unlock these Professional Excellences with one of the categories of CCSD Council Membership.

Discover a world of opportunities and recognition with the CCSD Council, offering seven distinct types of membership designed to cater to the unique needs of Professionals, Training Providers, fraternities, associations, government linked organizations, corporate companies and Institutions. Our Council provides a pathway for seamless navigation towards Certification, Accreditation, Certified Professional Credentialing, Continuous Professional Capacity Enhancement (CPCE) Points, along with exclusive discounts for CCSD network exchanges, events, and conferences.

Diverse Professional Community:

Join a vibrant community comprising CCSD Professional (Practitioners, Specialists, Experts, Professionals, Consultants, and Eminences) Members , CCSD Training Provider Members CCSD Corporate Members, CCSD Association/Fraternity Members, CCSD Institution of Learning Members, CCSD Government Link Company Members, CCSD Government Officers Members of 42 different facets of businesses and professions from across the globe.

CCSD Membership Benefits:
  • Elevate your knowledge, expertise, and skills through accredited training programs from CCSD Council Registered Training Provider Members.
  • Earn Continuous Professional Capacity Enhancement (CPCE) Points concurrently, paving your way towards Certified Professional Credentialing—an exclusive opportunity for CCSD Professional Members.
  • Experience continuous professional growth with due recognition and acknowledgment from peers, employers and the market.
Unique Privileges of CCSD Membership:
  • Enjoy privileged membership fees tailored to your country of residence.
  • Avail exclusive discounts on certified and accredited training provided by Registered Training Providers of CCSD Council.
  • Accrue CPCE Points for various achievements, including all your prior training completed, events attended, competencies gained, qualifications received, diplomas and degrees received, professional projects completed, articles published, recognition received and any other forms of endorsement or acknowledgement of your professional growth towards awards of CPCE points leading to Certified Professional Credentialing. This is exclusive only to CCSD Professional Members.
  • Easily submit your earned qualifications and professional certificate for CPCE points which you can cumulatively accrue and request for Certified Professional Credentialing befitting your total points earned. With CCSD Membership you can also upgrade your status to the next level by submitting new qualifications and certificates gained.
  • CCSD Membership allows you to request for CPCE evaluation as many times as desired throughout the year, with no associated fees charged for such evaluation by the council.
Membership Certification:
  • Receive a downloadable CCSD Membership certificate or purchase a hardcopy with the original CCSD Council seal and CPCE Points seal at a specially discounted price with your CCSD Membership entitlement.
Event and News Access:
  • Attend CCSD Council seminars, conferences, and network exchange programs at discounted rates, and some events are exclusively complimentary only for CCSD members or given priority before being opened to the public participation..
  • Access the latest global news, updates, publications, and articles from CCSD Council’s Infor center. These articles are solicited from or written by eminent professionals associated or collaborating with CCSD Council
Networking Opportunities:
  • With the CCSD Council Membership, grow your network, connections, and influence at specially crafted Network Exchange Programs, Seminars, and Conferences exclusively open with priority and discounted for CCSD members first before being opened to public participation.
  • Engage with prominent industrial leaders, sharing the latest ideas, innovations, and developments impacting professionals of varied interests in CCSD network exchange programs and events.
Membership Details:
  • Membership fee corresponds to the CCSD Council Fee Structure list, determined by the applicant’s residency country and membership category, including specified discounts and valid for a period of one (1) year.
  • Membership validity extends for one year from the approval date, accompanied by a CCSD Council Membership Number which is the source for reference, trace and track for all other privileges associated the CCSD Membership
  • The CCSD Membership period of validity will be indicated in the CCSD membership certificate issued by the Council
  • CCSD Membership dues paid to the CCSD Council are non-refundable, and account transfers are not allowed.
  • CCSD Membership is mandatory and a prerequisite for processing references to CCSD Certified Designation Credentialing, CCSD Training Program Accreditation, CCSD Credential Points Accrued and Status Verification, CCSD Member Status Authentication Verification and Confirmation, CCSD Awards of CPCE points, CCSD Complimentary  Certification Evaluation, and CCSD Event Discounts.

Join CCSD Council today and embark on a journey of

professional growth, recognition, and unparalleled opportunities!

Enrich your professional journey and be with and belong in a dynamic community dedicated to excellence. Experience the power of membership – where recognition and growth converge! Together, we move further.For all enquiries related to the right type of membership, please contact the CCSD Officer in-charge via: You will be guided according and also the same email for sending your proof of payment slip related to your membership application.

    We focus on accreditation and certification of training programs, recognise continuous professional capacity enhancement by offering certified designated credentialing and consistently share strategic insights, new wave technologies and latest industrial development.


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