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CCSD Board of Eminence

CCSD Board of Eminence

Elevating the CCSD Council’s Global Influence and Expertise

As we embark on a journey of transformation and progress, the CCSD Council is committed to fortifying its corporate governance structure and achieving unparalleled excellence in the certification, accreditation, and designation services we provide internationally. In light of our vision for the future, the need for a permanent Secretary-General with full empowerment became apparent.

This led us to consider two possible paths to elevate the CCSD Council’s leadership and management. The first option involved restructuring the existing Board of Advisors: appointing additional directors, including independent or non-executive directors, to establish a more formal board and fortify the expertise to manage the affairs of the CCSD Council. Simultaneously, expanding the empowered scope, roles, and responsibilities of the Secretary-General to complement the Board of Advisors. Alternatively, the second option was to explore the recreation of a differently structured advisory board, building on the existing “Board of Advisors” initiated in 2019. A reformation and reorganizing of the Board was the final decision on the table and the second option became evident. Consequently, the decision to restructure the Board of Advisors into the newly formed Board of Eminence was taken with great conviction for a momentous and strategic enhancement of the CCSD Council.

The Board comprises of a distinguished group of industry leaders from diverse disciplines, business verticals, and industrial sectors worldwide. These experts have been exclusively selected and invited by the CCSD Council due to their exceptional standing, wealth of experience, unwavering dedication to excellence, and elite status in their respective fields. As the CCSD Council’s aspirations gain momentum, the Board of Eminence would be instrumental in accelerating our trajectory and bringing profound professionalism and expertise to the helm of our Management, Administration, and Operations spearheaded by our Secretary General.

The Board of Eminence will provide strategic guidance and advisory support leveraging on their extensive networks, invaluable insights, and exceptional expertise. It is pertinent to announce that while the Board of Eminence exerts significant influence and stature, their role is advisory in nature. The Council anticipates that the Board will enhance credibility, expand networking opportunities and create access to reputable references and high-level contacts across the globe.

As the Board bears no fiduciary duties, no administrative tasks, and no financial responsibilities within the organization, they will remain extemporary and spontaneous except for the Secretary-General who will take public prominence as the charge d affaires, ambassador, envoy, and emissary publicly for the CCSD Council.

In conclusion, the Board of Eminence marks a momentous step in our pursuit of excellence and international distinction. The composition and elite members of the Board of Eminence are an invaluable asset to the CCSD Council. Together with the Secretary-General, we will steer towards a future defined by unparalleled achievements and navigate the certification and accreditation landscape worldwide with praiseworthy accolades, excellent distinction, and unique propositions with trust, respect, and confidence in us above all else.

    We focus on accreditation and certification of training programs, recognise continuous professional capacity enhancement by offering certified designated credentialing and consistently share strategic insights, new wave technologies and latest industrial development.


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