D. Credential Eligibility Self Assessment Template

D. Credential Eligibility Self Assessment Template

Do it yourself: The calculation that an applicant tabulates and the total score that is cumulate towards identifying a CCSD Award Tier can be send in for the CCSD Professional Designated Credential together with all your supporting documents to pdccertification@ccsdcouncil.org The CCSD Committee for Certification and Credentialing have their own evaluation process and discretion towards the granting of CPCE points based on the applicant’s submission. Their consideration, though strict, is up and above what the applicant could have calculated and arrived at a conclusion.

The criteria and weightage by the Committee places strong emphasis on the applicant’s years of experience, the perspectives of the courses or short term training that the applicant has completed, the roles and responsibilities plus scope of work the applicant is involved in along with the applicant’s formal education records. The Committee’s consideration will also include the above and events attended by the applicant in the evaluation towards the granting of the CPCE points. Thereafter, the Committee will provide an advisory note on the status of the application and if it is an approval the designation will also be suggested to the applicant who can then proceed to accept the CCSD award granted and pay the appropriate fee valid for three (3) years from the date of the certificate being issued.

A. Personal Information

Table 1: Formal Education

Table 2: Work Experience (Mandatory Requirement)

Table 3: Training Attendance



Table 4: Event Attendance (As a Participant)



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Upon confirmation of payment and within 14 days, you will receive an Official CCSD Professional Designated Credential which is downloadable or using the membership privilege the applicant can request for a hardcopy of the original certificate at a discounted price. This is verifiable with CCSD Council by making reference to the Certificate No.

Beyond the cumulative Total CPCE Points and Years of Work related Experience which the applicant self assesses to point to the CCSD Credential Tier Level, the CCSD Committee entrusted to recommend the granting of the award to CCSD Council has the final discretion and decision on the awarding of CPCE points for each category, total points calculation and recommendation of the specified award to the applicant.

The categories or consideration and the level of CPCE points as well as the qualifying CPCE points par for each of these awards has been determined and at the exclusive rights and privilege of CCSD Committee for Certification Credentialing and endorsed by the CCSD Board of Eminence. The directive towards consistency in the  evaluation process and granting of approval to the CCSD Designated Credential Award to the CCSD Committee for Certification and Credentialing is the complete independent autonomy and discretion of the CCSD Board of Eminence.

Guidance Note

CCSD Professional Designated Credentialing

Please refer to the following 4 document concurrently to get a full perspective to the CCSD Professional Designated Credential;

These four (4) Documents mentioned herein below need to be referred to fully understand the recognition, granting of the CCSD Credential Awards, criteria for the assessment to the CCSD Awards, process to the cumulative of Continuous Professional Capacity Enhancement (CPCE) points, a guideline and clarification on how an applicant can secure the points to be awarded the CCSD Professional Designated Credential and a self assessment template that allows the applicant to self evaluate on which tier they qualify for, and finally thereafter, apply for the desired CCSD Professional Designated Credential Award according to the total CPCE points cumulated. The documents are:

A.CCSD Professional Designated Credentialing

This document provides a complete overview introduction on the CCSD Professional Designated Credential. It also outlines on how CCSD Council grants the Professional Designated Credentials the application process, clarification on the credentialing validation fee,, the areas assessed by the Committee for Certification and Credentialing and the final submission process for the consideration of the CCSD Professional Designated Credential.

B. CCSD Professional Designated Credential Awards

This document provides a clarification on the two mandatory criteria two mandatory criteria: Mandatory Qualifying Total Cumulative CPCE Points for CCSD Professional Award and

Mandatory Qualifying Work Experience (years) for CCSD Professional Award followed by four (4) clarified examples of CCSD Awards granted.

C. CCSD Designated Credential Self Assessment (Clarified)

This document herein clarified and provide a complete guideline on how an applicant can do a self-assessment and evaluate on which Tier Level of CCSD Professional Designated Credential Awards one qualifies. The eight (8) areas of assessment are fully explained and provided in a Table format for easy understanding on the CPCE points awarded as well as the CCSD Awards Cut-off Points, Validity and Credentialing Fee.

D. Credential Eligibility Self Assessment Template

This template is for the self assessment by the individual applicant towards identifying which CCSD Professional Designated Credential Tier the applicant qualifies for and what specialization they desire the credentialing to be in. Subsequent to the self-assessment, the applicant can use the completed template with the associated supporting documents for each criteria and send it to pdccertification@ccsdcouncil.org for the official consideration towards the CCSD Professional Designated Credential Award.

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