CCSD Council’s Mission Statement

CCSD Council’s Mission Statement

To establish an unwavering and reliable global ecosystem for certification and accreditation

At CCSD Council, our mission is to establish an unwavering and reliable global ecosystem for certification and accreditation. We achieve this by meticulously evaluating, endorsing, and accrediting training providers worldwide, granting accredited certifications in all areas of training to individuals who have completed approved training programs. Furthermore, we are committed to providing continuous professional capacity enhancement through our CPCE Accrued Point System, which ultimately leads to the prestigious recognition of a professional accredited designation, recognized and valued on a global scale.

Clarification of CCSD Council’s Mission Statement

At the core of our mission, lies the pursuit of excellence. To this end, we actively cultivate networking events and encourage meaningful engagement among professionals to foster the exchange of innovative ideas and cutting-edge trends. By promoting convergence platforms that bring together great minds from various industries, we aim to ignite a profound impact on our industrial landscape.

We are staunch advocates of global standards in multi-faceted audited certifications and expertise, extending across diverse industries and sectors. Through rigorous auditing processes, we ensure that certifications and proficiency levels align with the highest benchmarks, instilling confidence and trust in all our stakeholders.

As we forge ahead, our relentless dedication is to propel the professional landscape toward unprecedented growth and prosperity. We remain steadfast in our commitment to uplifting the workforce by providing opportunities for continuous learning, recognition, and global acknowledgment of excellence. Together, we strive to build a world where expertise knows no bounds and innovation thrives without borders.

    CCSD’s focuses on driving the digital agenda via certifying working professionals in key IR4 related skills upon assessing them , digital quotient for corporates and governments and digital skills.


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