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Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership

Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership

We are thrilled to extend a formal invitation to all organizations representing its members pursuing a common professional interest or career field to take up CCSD Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership. It could also be an association of workers formed to protect and promote their rights and interests in the workplace,  better wages, working conditions, and as well as demand continuous training and skills development for their members.

Associations often focus on specific industries, disciplines, or professions and provide networking opportunities, career development, educational resources and  training programs for career enhancement, professional upgrading of skill sets and expertise as to the latest development in the profession or fraternity for the members and members to be.. These organizations also come together to collaborate, share knowledge, and address common concerns and often provide certifications, resources, seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities for their fraternity.

CCSD Council is mindful that such Fraternity/Association often pool resources, expertise, and indulge to address challenges that professionals in their fraternity face. The associations develop training and certifications to keep their members current and to upgrade them to the demands and change in the profession from time to time.

The Fraternity/Association usually conducts training programs seeking accreditation of the program as well as certify their members who complete the in-house training program that they roll out within their association throughout the year. The evaluation process towards accreditation and certification is the same as stipulated for training program accreditation from Category A, B and C Training Providers. An Association Executive, Officer or Manager preferably one who will handle this application and processing will be the corresponding contact representative with the CCSD Council’s Admin Department.

The CCSD Council, recognizes the pivotal role played by  Fraternity/Association in-house training which are meant for both members and non-members in fostering skill development, knowledge enhancement, and competency building. Such  Fraternity/Association in-house initiatives usually offer educational and training services to their own members and public. CCSD Council’s aim is to support, guide and facilitate accreditation and recognition of these in-house Training Programs which are crafted towards the development of skills and expertise in specific fields or subjects that prepares members for their scope of work, roles and responsibilities as well career and personal development objectives.

CCSD Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership is tailored for in-house training that focuses on practical and job-specific skills training, especially in corporates, vocational or technical fields of their members. Whether you specialize in professional development courses, certifications, workshops, or short-term training sessions, CCSD Council welcomes Fraternity/Association in-house training providers offering a diverse range of courses and programs to cater to various interests and career paths.

What sets CCSD Council apart is our commitment to accrediting in-house training programs offered by Fraternity/Association Training Provider members. Such Accredited in-house Training Programs will receive CCSD certifications for their member participants upon the successful completion of their programs directly from the CCSD Council. These credentials, recognized by employers and industries, enhance member participants’ employability, career advancement, and job promotion prospects.

The CCSD Council Fraternity/Association in-house training program accreditation process involves a stringent validation and recognition procedure by the CCSD Council’s Accreditation and Certification Committee. This process begins with the acceptance of membership of the Fraternity/Association Training Provider, followed by the submission of in-house training programs for accreditation. Each submission is unique, classified according to its requirements, and evaluated independently before receiving accreditation endorsement from the CCSD Council.

As an accredited and registered CCSD Council Fraternity/Association Training Provider, you contribute to the concept of lifelong learning by offering opportunities for individuals to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, especially in rapidly evolving industries. Our standard process and requirements for accreditation ensure that Fraternity/Association in-house training programs meet the expectations set by the CCSD Council, aligning with the industrial requirements of corporates, businesses, and organizations.

To initiate the journey towards CCSD Council Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership and Accreditation of Training Programs, please follow the links provided below, based on your classification.

Upon evaluation and approval by the CCSD Council Accreditation and Certification Committee, the Fraternity/Association Training Provider will receive a membership certificate. The membership number will be quoted, tracked and traced for all subsequent processes towards accreditation of the in-house Training Provider’s training programs. When the in-house Training Provider successfully completes the CCSD Council accredited training process, the Training Provider will receive an authenticated CCSD Council certificate, complete with the CCSD Council seal and Continuous Professional Capacity Enhancement (CPCE) points. This is downloadable for the Fraternity/Association Training Provider or they can request for a hardcopy using their member discount entitlement.

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of welcoming you into the esteemed community of CCSD Council Fraternity/Association Training Providers. Together, let us contribute to the advancement of professional development and lifelong learning.

To initiate the journey towards CCSD Council Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership and Accreditation of your in-house Training Programs, please follow the links provided below based on your classification. For all inquiries and correspondence related to further clarification to CCSD Council Fraternity/Association Training Provider Membership, accreditation of in-house Training programs and issuance of CCSD Council certification matters, kindly contact:

For all enquiries related to the right type of membership, please contact the CCSD Officer in-charge via: You will be guided according and also the same email for sending your proof of payment slip related to your membership application.

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