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Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a game-changing technology that streamlines and automates repetitive tasks, and thereby minimizing errors to zero level and increasing productivity to a new level.

Professional diploma in RPA and UI/UX from CCSD -UK

Professional diploma in RPA and UI/UX

The goal of this workshop is to help the candidates see the big picture of RPA and help them in hands-on RPA. The most likely way to adapt & thrive in this new age will be to know how to build & maintain software robots and automate mundane tasks. 


Even if individuals are not IT savvy, having proper understanding on the overall concept of RPA can salvage their position in the job market as they’ll be able to support organizations whom are already implementing it or help those who are adopting the practice. Ability to even automate Microsoft Excel & Word can prove to be very beneficial in today’s job market.


UI/UX :- This certification also focuses on professionals who work on the UI/UX interface prototyping and designing of interfaces to ensure that users are able to interact properly with applications using that interface. 

  • To  understand  the business functionalities  that can be automated using  RPA
  • To  understand  the usage of  RPA across the  organizations
  • Implementation  of RPA functions
  • To  develop  skills in  cost efficiencies  among various RPA solutions
  • How  to successfully  implement RPA solution
  • Managing RPA  solutions to get  outstanding results
For Whom?

The program is designed to suit graduates and experienced professionals from a wide range of domains. Specifically, the program may be suited for

  • Business analysts 
  • IT architects 
  • Developers 
  • Project managers and project executives
  • Developers
Get hired easily
Opportunity to boost your automation knowledge
Enhanced career opportunities
Expert level skills in RPA Architect

There are no mandatory pre-requisite for RPA.

Course Syllabus
  1. 1
    Process Overview
    • How Process Automation Helps
    • What can be Automated
    • A Visualization of Future Workforce
    • Automation Maturity Levels
    • Determining Which Processes to Automate
    • Past and Present Overview of process automation
  2. 2
    RPA Introduction
    • Comparison of Current RPA Tools
    • RPA Roles and Jobs
    • Implementing RPA in your Work
    • Robotic  Process Automation  Concepts
    • UI    A utomation  and System Activities
    • Existing  RPA solutions  and vendors Landscape
    • RPA best practices
    • Collecting data generated by robots
    • RPA Roles
    • Scalability and Security aspects of RPA
  3. 3
    RPA Configuration
    • User  Events,  Recorder and  Scraping
    • Workflow and Data  Manipulation
    • Programming and  Troubleshooting
    • Automation   Anywhere, Blue Prism, Pega OpenSpan,  UiPath, Nice and WorkFusion
    • Front office vs back office robots
    • How to evaluate a good process to automate
    • Hands on labs – Reviewing your existing systems and processes, web scraping, web automation, desktop  automation
    • Workflow branching
    • Tools and techniques for debugging workflow
  4. 4
    Deploying RPA in production
    • RPA Examples
    • Tips for Successful RPA Implementation
    • Exercises:
      • Exercise 1: Manual Price List Preparation
      • Exercise 2: Working with Process Selection Template
      • Exercise 3: RPA tool comparison chart
    • Build a Simple Software Robot
    • Structure (Flowchart vs. Sequence)
    • Control Flow (Decisions, Loops, Switches)
    • Error Handling with Try/Catch
    • Automating Excel, Word and PDF interactions
    • Web Browser Automation
    • Automating Email and Attachments
    • Blue Prism usage
    • Debugging and Error Handling
    • Exercises:
      •  Exercise 1: Excel and Word Automation
      • Exercise 2: Web Browser Automation
      • Exercise 3: Email Automation 
  5. 5
    UX Design Fundamentals
    • How to make interfaces function clearly and seamlessly.
    • How content is organized and structured to create an experience for a user, and what role the designer plays in creating and shaping user experience.
    • Roadmap for developing robust UI/UX design: 
    • Produce a digital prototype for a multi-screen app of your own invention. 
    • Learn the  current best practices and conventions in UX design
    • Employ the fundamental principles of how UX design functions to shape an audience’s experience of a given body of content.


  6. 6
    Web Design, Strategy and Information Architecture
    • This module is focused on the early user experience (UX) challenges of research, planning, setting goals, understanding the user, structuring content, and developing interactive sequences. 
    • While the concepts covered will translate to many kinds of interactive media (apps, digital kiosks, games), our primary focus will be on designing contemporary, responsive websites. 
    • In this module you will complete the first half of a large scale project—developing a comprehensive plan for a complex website—by defining the strategy and scope of the site, as well as developing its information architecture and overall structure.
  7. 7
    Web Design : Wireframes to Prototypes
    • This module focused on the application of the early UX research to actual user interfaces: the creation of wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and clickable prototypes. 
    • Learn responsive web design and mobile web challenges with Mobile-first approach.


  • This exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • Candidate need to score minimum 70 % of the total marks (i.e. 70 out of 100) to pass this examination.
  • Total duration of this examination is 120 minutes.
  • Candidate should Tick against only one correct answer in Multiple Choice Questions.
  • There is no negative marking system applicable in this examination.
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