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Understanding Cyber Security Fundamentals in the Digital Age. Cyber Security for Non-Technical Professionals will give participants an essential knowledge of cyber security and how it affects their organisation (small or large).

Cybersecurity Secrecy and Information Protection

The Course will outline the current cybersecurity landscape, including impacts to individuals, governments and organisations. You will gain essential foundational knowledge of cyber security, business consequences and the threat landscape for your organisation

This is a highly interactive course that will use a case study organisation. Participants will work individually and in groups to perform the course exercises using the case study organisation

  • Articulate what Cyber Security is and how cybercrime affects organisations
  • Understand the current Cyber environment such as Data Breaches and Hackers
  • Understand the relationship between cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Understand the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability model (CIA)
  • Understand why cyber security is a key issue for management and your organisation’s C-suite
  • Understand cyber risks and how they impact your organisation
  • Articulate and apply key methodologies
  • Develop new skills in communicating key themes of cyber security with confidence
For Whom?
  • Operational staff, Personnel, Officers, Engineers, Specialists, Analysts, Architects, Executives, Associates, Consultants, Managers, Project Managers, Product Designers or Directors
  • Anyone who wants/needs to understand the implications of cyber security on their organisation and improve their career perspectives.
Course Syllabus
  1. 1
    Day 1
    • Cyber security has become a global problem affecting individuals, governments and organisations alike. It is critical that Professionals understand cyber security to effectively navigate the digital age.
    • This workshop will provide the key foundational knowledge and concepts of cyber security as it relates to individuals and organisations.
    • The course covers topics across cyber, physical, and personnel, with a focus on business outcomes.
    • This introductory course develops understanding of the key concepts of cyber security, business consequences and cybercrime.
    • If you want to develop skills essential for the future, this course will not only provide knowledge but enable you to communicate and understand cyber security.
    • This course is designed for people without prerequisite knowledge of cyber security, increase your contribution to your organisation and further your career goals.
  2. 2

    Course Description: The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of information protection, including the principles, techniques, tools, strategies, and best practices to safeguard digital and physical assets against cybersecurity threats.

    Module 1: Introduction to Information Protection

    • The importance of information protection
    • Threats and vulnerabilities
    • Security breaches and their impact
    • Security basics: confidentiality, integrity, availability

    Module 2: Incident Handling and Response (what to do if something happens)

    • Incident response frameworks and processes
    • Forensic investigation techniques and tools
    • Containment and eradication of security incidents
    • Recovery and restoration procedures

    Module 3: Legal and Regulatory Requirements

    • Security laws and regulations
    • Privacy and data protection
    • Ethical and legal considerations of information protection

Coursework and assignment

  • Lectures, discussions, case studies, and practical exercises
  • Project work and presentations
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