Compliant to ISO 17024:2012

Details on Certification

Additional time for examination:

Permitted 20 minutes extra to the Candidates whose first language is not the language in which examination is taken and whose ability in that language requires them to work more slowly who suffer from disabilities, for example dyslexia, muscular dystrophy etc., which in turn adversely affect their ability to complete the examination in the allotted time?


Terms: Applicant should provide a copy of documented evidence

For the applicant, whose nationality is different from Malaysian nationality should provide evidence for other nationality

Medical certificate should be provided by the applicant suffering from the particular disease

For temporary disability like fracture, illness, etc., a candidate shall wait until he recovers and give exam at another scheduled dates.



Deliverable to Participants

  • Successful candidate will be awarded certificate in soft copies by CCSD certification Body. Note: Hard-copies will be provided upon request.
  • All certificates will carry digital signatures.
  • All certificates/data are kept within the CCSD repository and referenced through
  • Certification body has a central repository for the certified persons, which could be displayed to Successful Candidate Registry (SCR) on the website of CCSD


Suspension and withdrawal:

The Certification Body is entitled to suspend or cancel the certification because of any of the following but not limited to:

  • non – compliance or violation of the scheme requirements
  • providing insufficient or incorrect information to CCSD
  • Misuse of certification (i.e., misuse of certification includes advertising using invalid certification or an incorrect certification scope)
  • The submitted evidence revealing that key requirements satisfied at the time of certificate issue are no longer complied with and/or
  • improper use of certification and logo
  • tampering the certificate
  • non-payment of the fees
  • Other reasons resulting from the terms and conditions outlined herein or formally agreed between the Certification Body and the



Code of Ethics for candidates

Certified candidates shall perform the duties by following the given code of ethics of  CCSD by signing the application form.

  1. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person requires its certificate holders to conduct and practice professionally, with honesty, integrity, responsibility and independence at work place and elsewhere.
  2. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person’s certificate holders should use their aptitude, knowledge and skills for the enhancement of human welfare and should not hurt anyone in person or a group through his/her practice with any ill-motive.
  3. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person’s certificate holder’s execution of their professional duties should include safety, health, hygiene and welfare of all stakeholders.
  4. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person’s certificate holder should perform their service only in their areas of competence and should avoid conflict of interest in any form that he or she is aware or would come to know at any stage of his work.
  5. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person’s certificate holder should not plagiarize and shall respect the intellectual property of others and do not use them without their consent. Certificate holder would discourage such practice if any such act comes to his notice.
  6. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Parson’s certificate holder undertakes work / assignments for which they are competent by means of certification, training, and experience and, where solicited, seek the assistance of specialists as required.
  7. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for Person’s certificate holder indicates to the employer or supervisor any decisions that have been overruled by any authority that could result in adverse consequences;
  8. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for person’s certificate holder should not to use the certificate in a manner as to bring the certification body to disrepute, and not to make any statement regarding the certification which the certification body considers misleading or unauthorized;
  9. CCSD ASIA SDN BHD Certification Body for person’s certificate holder should discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to the certification body or certification upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, and to return any such   certificates and associated testimonials issued by the certification body;

Rights of candidates

A candidate has right

  1. to complaint against any inappropriate practice coming on his/her way during the complete certification process
  2. to have adequate arrangements of examination
  3. to have the adequate details of the examination and certification
  4. to have the correct status of the certification held by him/her
  5. to know the details of any revision in the scope of certification
  6. to have the certification mark of the respective scheme, if applicable, subject to terms and condition of its usage


Appeals and complaint handling process

1.      Complaints and Appeal:

Applicants may file a complaint against the refusal, suspension or withdrawal of certification or against the certification process and its result. Complaints can be submitted in writing one day at the earliest and 14 days at the latest after the time when the cause of complaint arose (i.e., at least one night must pass between the time when the cause of complaint arose and the time when the complaint is drawn up). The date of the post stamp or fax or of the receipt of e-mail will apply immediately upon receipt of the complaint, a complaint receipt confirmation will be issued to the complainant. Within four weeks, the complainant will receive a notice concerning his/her complaint. Should it prove impossible to process the complaint within this period, the complainant will be informed accordingly.


Appeals against failure to certify or against non-renewal of the certificate may be made by the certified personnel or the employer upon application in writing to CCSD or Accreditation Body



Appeal: Request by the provider of the object of conformity assessment to the conformity assessment

body or Accreditation body for reconsideration by that body of a decision it has made relating to that


Complaint:  It is defined as a formal expression of dissatisfaction made by any Interested Party against the certified client or by the client against the Certification Body activities.


Any candidate can appeal in the form of email, letter, or fax in case of any disagreement with the results of the assessment/evaluation by Certification Body at   or call at +60 16-912 3051


In case if the participants are not satisfied with the line of action taken by certification body, they can appeal to the management of CCSD.

Application process

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